Efficiency Through Automation.

“We thought it was time that healthcare caught up with the use of technology to improve efficiency and the patient experience.”


Patient Engagement – Your Way

Quick , Easy and Seamless Check In

Fully Integrated, Electronic Pre Registration

Time of Service Collections

48-72 hours prior to a patient’s exam their carrier is queried for:
Deductible Remaining, CoInsurance, CoPay

Information is then compared against
the scheduled exams and carrier’s fee schedule

Information is used to calculate Time of Service collections

All information is communicated back to the xIS/EHR

Fully Integrated, Electronic Pre-Registration

Strealine intake process on any device

Update RIS/EHR with:

• Demographics

• Insurance

• Photo IDs

• PDF of signed documents

• Procedure specific intake forms (MRI, CT, Contrast)

Electronic Signatures

Multiple Language support

Required Fields

Form Completion tracking

Conditional Logic Field

Secure, encrypted and HIPPA Compliant

Send to PACS option

Notify Staff of “Show Stoppers”

Quick, Easy and Seamless Check-in

If they have already completed their forms prior to arrival:

Great, we found you in the system and all of your forms are complete, we have notified the staff you are here, please take a seat.

If they have not completed their forms prior to arrival:

Great, we found you. It looks like we have some forms we need you to complete. Please choose to either complete on them on your device or have a staff member assist you.

Multiple messages can be sent to your RIS / EHR to identify the patient has arrived, that they are currently completing forms and when the forms have been completed.

Patient Engagement – Your Way

Engagement is more than reminders and surveys, it is CONVENIENCE

Save scheduler time by initiating patient communication upon order receipt and put the patient in control of the scheduling process

Monitor statuses throughout the patient lifecycle to send reminders of outstanding tasks until completion

Provide access to all necessary information automatically and via keyword responses:

  • Facility location, contact information and directions
  • Schedule date and time with one-click ability to add to calendar
  • Amount due at time of service with link to pay prior to service
  • Ability to complete all forms electronically anywhere from any device prior to appointment

Health Logix’s HeLen serves as a technology based staff augmentation, services she can perform to reduce staff workloads:

  • Checking patient insurance eligibility and reaching out to patients automatically if they come back as ineligible.
  • Calculating how much the patient will owe based upon their specific health plan and your contracted rates and then communicating those to patients, even collecting payment prior to the visit.
  • Review answers to questions in the pre registration process to identify any potential challenges or show stoppers that will need to be addressed prior to the appointment.
  • She can also compile multiple electronic forms and convert them into DICOM for transfer to the radiologist

Return On Investment

• Patients are given the convenience of rescheduling via SMS and never have to call.

• Increase the Time of Service collections

• Decrease in front desk staff needed to register patients

• Increase in referring Provider and patient satisfaction by communicating by their preferred method

• Decrease in faxed orders that need to be manually translated to electronic orders

Revenue Calculator

Patients per Day

Admin personnel (hourly rate)

Savings Opportunity

Handling faxed orders

Confirming appointments

Eligibility verification

Mobile Electronic Check In

Revenue Opportunity

No show reduction (1 pt per day)

TOS collections (Avg. $25 per pt)

Operational impact




Net Impact

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