Efficiency Through Automation.

“We thought it was time that healthcare caught up with the use of technology to improve efficiency and the patient experience.”


• Referring physician order entry

• Kiosk for simplified check-in

• Eligibility and Time of Service payment estimation

• Automated messaging via e-mail and SMS

Referring physician order entry

• Single page accordion style UI to simplify the ordering process

• Expanded capability to provide nurses credentials to complete the order for multiple providers

Kiosk Check-in

• Use of Driver’s License or RFID cards to allow patients to quickly check-in

• If patients information has been updated within the last week they are automatically checked-in

• For patients whose information is out-of-date, the basic information is displayed for them to confirm or update

• At the end of the check-in process the system sends an “Arrived” notification to the practices xIS / EHR

Time of Service Collections

• 48-72 hours prior to a patient’s exam their carrier is queried for:
Deductible Remaining, CoInsurance, CoPay

• Information is then compared against
the scheduled exams and carrier’s fee schedule

• Information is used to calculate Time of Service collections

• All information is communicated back to the xIS/EHR

Automated Messaging

• Messaging profiles are built around patients, Orders and Results. Any piece of information can be used to build a rule.

• These rules determine who will receive messages: referrers, patients or staff and how they will receive them: SMS, e-mail or HL7

Enhanced Appointment Reminders

• Asking someone to confirm their appointment should be the beginning not the end

• Engage the patient at the time of cancellation to immediately reschedule

• Schedulers can only handle one phone call at a time, but can handle 4-5 SMS sessions at once.

• Patients are given the convenience of rescheduling via SMS and never have to call.

Return On Investment

• Patients are given the convenience of rescheduling via SMS and never have to call.

• Increase the Time of Service collections

• Decrease in front desk staff needed to register patients

• Increase in referring Provider and patient satisfaction by communicating by their preferred method

• Decrease in faxed orders that need to be manually translated to electronic orders

Revenue Calculator

Patients per Day

Admin personnel (hourly rate)

Savings Opportunity

Handling faxed orders

Confirming appointments

Eligibility verification

Check-in Kiosk (optional)

Revenue Opportunity

No show reduction (1 pt per day)

TOS collections (Avg. $25 per pt)

Operational impact




Net Impact

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